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same problem here.

Posted by Soumya Dutta on April 14, 2001 at 7:09 AM

Hi Hamish,
I would also like to the answer to your question. I already have my classfile encrypted in some form and after decrypting, I have got the byte array which has the byte codes of the class file, but i am not able to make a Class object out of it. Please help.
Thanks in advance,
- Dutta.

> Hi

> I have an application that makes public the class loader method
> that takes an array of bytes etc. and returns a Class. It also
> has a run-time compiler based on some (naughty) use of the
> package. Both of these seem to make the application
> very insecure, particularly as it allows the loading of user code
> (this code could potentially do anything it likes by using the
> run-time compiler, or defineClass, to import other code that
> doesn't conform to the interfaces that we allow to load).

> The solution that I'm thinking of is: deliver the application as
> a sealed jar file; make the run-time compiler and the defineClass
> method only allow processing of classes that are in the same
> package as the sealed jar contains.

> Does this make any sense?

> If you're interested, the application in question is at

> Thanks,

> Dr. Hamish Cunningham
> Research Fellow in Computer Science, University of Sheffield


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