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custom class Loader

Posted by Soumya Dutta on April 14, 2001 at 7:17 AM

Hi ,
I would also like to the answer to your question. I already have my classfile encrypted in some form and after decrypting, I have got the byte array which has the byte codes of the class file, but i am not able to make a Class object out of it. Please help.
Thanks in advance,
- Dutta.

> Hello,

> I have written a custom class loader in using java 2.
> In my custom class loader I override the findClass() method
> in order to load classes from a jarConnection. All this is
> working fine. My question is how can I get my custom class
> loader to be used whenever another class is to be loaded. I
> have used a small bootstrap class that creates my custom loader
> and loads/invokes a main class. From there the main class creates other objects but it seems to use the primoridial class loader.

> I have also had my main class create an instance of my custom class and load/instantiate a new class. Then the new class
> creates another class using the new operator. I would expect
> my custom class loader to be invoked but alas it seems that the
> primordial class loader is used yet again.

> I have read your column and book excerpt and can't figure out
> why my custom class loader isn't be used 'automatically' after
> I have used it to create parent classes. Could there be a scope
> problem ( could the instance of my classloader be going out of scope ) I can't see how but have no other ideas.

> The way I see it I should never get a ClassNotFoundException
> without the findClass code I wrote being executed first ( assuming I loaded the application/class with my loader )

> any ideas?


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