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Solution for Reloading class files

Posted by Fasu on February 04, 2002 at 3:35 AM

Actually, there is a way...

First of all, you put your MainSomething class to some
directory. Under that directory you'll create a directory
called reloadables (which MUST NOT exist in CLASSPATH).

Then you compile your reloadable class files to reloadables/
directory. Then you just use the code below. ActionHandler
is just a simple interface, which implements handleAction-method.

Nothing too complex, I think you'll get hang of this :)

try {
URL[] serverURLs = new URL[]{new URL("file:reloadables/")};
cl=new URLClassLoader(serverURLs);
String className="SomeClass";
actionHandler=(ActionHandler) cl.loadClass(className).newInstance();
catch( Exception e )


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