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Fear not, that message is redundant



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Fear not, that message is redundant

Posted by Bill Venners on 08 Apr 1998, 1:52 PM

> The previous message has no subject - and so one
> cannot access it (except maybe by guessing its
> internal number). Could someone correct that - or
> tell me how to get at this message? (incidentally,
> this is a classic SW bug: No provision for
> boundary case).

I'm guilty twice. First I'm the guy who absent mindedly forgot
to enter the name and subject. And I'm the guy who wrote the
perl script with the bug in it. That bug has since been fixed.

The message you are missing is the one that is under the
"More Specifics" subject just above it. (When I realized I had
forgotten the subject, I hit the browser's back button, typed
in the missing fields, and hit submit again.



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