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JW Articles & 'Obvious' Level



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JW Articles & 'Obvious' Level

Posted by Adrian Romanelli on 19 Mar 1998, 6:11 PM

Hello. I enjoy reading your articles; thank you for writing them!

About your comment:

Now, my concern about the current JW article about
focusing fields and minimizing coupling, is that
it is too obvious for most JW readers. I think it
belongs in the Flexible Java book and needs to
be stated, but perhaps I should have just posted
it at the Flexible Java site and kept the JW
column focused on more Java-specific stuff.

I actually enjoyed the level you wrote, even though it may appear as being "obvious".

I'm a Procedural/Event-Driven programmer of many years, trying to make the jump to Object Oriented programming and Java. I'm studying for the Sun certification, and read web sites that cover Java.

I read so much sometimes (about Java), that it all becomes jumbled together in my mind, so its nice to see a clearly written 'recap' of subjects that I may have already read about and know something about, but don't have a 100% clear understanding on. I would also think that there are allot of people who are trying to learn Java, who browse web sites, that would not think that what you are writing is too simple or obvious.

Having just said the above, I also would not be against more difficult subjects, but its nice if your articles subjects would progress in difficulty gradually.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks for allowing me to express them.


Adrian Romanelli


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