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Inlining details



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Inlining details

Posted by Chris Smith on 16 Jun 1998, 6:19 PM

I'm not sure if this forum is still around... I see lots of
messages from ~ June 1, but here's a shot.

Was the article just simplified from a technical perspective,
or do we really not know more about how this method inlining
would function? It doesn't make much sense to me because at best
you'll still be left with a conditional branch in the code, one
direction of which is a function call, and that doesn't seem much
easier to optimize around than a method call. And it certainly
seems slower in and of itself than it would be to just call a
function indirectly (a single instruction even on the 6052, much
less modern CPU architectures!)

Maybe I'm just confused though. Could someone lay out some
pseudocode of what exactly the inlining is doing? I'm sorta
interested in the technique.


Chris Smith


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