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JIT is just-in-time *static* compilation



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JIT is just-in-time *static* compilation

Posted by Bill Venners on 29 Jun 1998, 9:25 PM

> Inside the Note box, you say JIT is an example of
> dynamic compilation. I think it is a static compilation
> because there is no run-time information available yet to
> the JIT compiler when it is run. Or am I missing
> something ?
Nope, you're quite right. That is a mistake on my part. Here's
what it should say:

The "static" in "static compilation" refers to compilation in
and optimization the absence of any run time information. This
can happen at "compile" time on the programer's desk, or it
can happen just-in-time at runtime (well, just before each
thing is run) on the user's desk.

The "dynamic" in "dynamic compilation" doesn't just mean it's
happening at run-time, but implies that it is to some extent
taking advantage of information available at run-time that
isn't available before the program actually runs.

Sorry about the bug. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.



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