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Release Date of HotSpot



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Release Date of HotSpot

Posted by Ismael Juma on 25 Aug 1998, 7:38 AM

Dear sir,

At the end of May, I had asked you in this forum the release date of the HotSpot VM and its beta. You had said that it would ship in December and the beta would be out in the end of Summer.

However, there were some delays both in the HotSpot VM and JDK 1.2 and they'll ship in February 1999 and November 1998 respectively.

I would like to know if you have received more information, in the meantime, about the release date of the Beta of the Hotspot VM and if it's going to be a public beta (like JDK 1.2) or just to some chosen people.

Yours Faithfully,


  • Thanks Bill Venners 02 Sep 1998, 5:35 PM (0)

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