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Hotspot at "end of year"



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Hotspot at "end of year"

Posted by Bill Venners on 27 May 1998, 3:24 PM

> When will a beta version of HotSpot be available for developers?
> Will it be released with JDK 1.2?
> I ask this because JDK is in its 3rd beta and the 4th beta will be out soon (I think).

> It would be really great if a HotSpot VM (in beta) would be powering the 4th beta of JDK 1.2 or the 5th (i don't know if this will exist).

> Please clarify this to me.

I do know that Hotspot is not going to be part of the 1.2
release. I believe 1.2 is currently scheduled for release in
September. Last I heard, hotspot wasn't expected before
December. (It may have been phrased as "end of year.") Anyway,
so far Sun has been treating Hotspot and 1.2 as separate
animals. The VM they are delivering with 1.2 (a VM that also
has a lot of performance improvements) Sun has been calling
the "Classic VM".

I talk a bit about the schedules for these things in an
article I wrote for JavaOne today:

Look for a sidebar called "What's next roadmap."



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