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Don't know whether we know yet



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Don't know whether we know yet

Posted by Bill Venners on 28 May 1998, 9:32 AM

> So far, all I've seen about the Hotspot VM is the technology, no details (that I'm capable of understanding) of the deployment mode. Applets? Would Hotspot be licensed to browser writers? Is Hotspot going to be built into an Activator (or its successors)-type product? Applications? Will it be available to people (Symantec, etc.) doing their own VMs?

At JavaOne, Sun said they hadn't decided yet under what terms
they would license Hotspot, whether or not or how much they
would charge for it, and so on. So I'm not aware that Sun has
announced any answer to your question as of yet. Does anyone
else know anything about Hotspot licensing terms and conditions?



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