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factory with one create method or several special ones

Posted by chantal on January 30, 2002 at 11:22 AM

hello all,

for some time now, I'm trying to solve a design problem. First, I will give you a quick summary of what I want to do (use cases) and then I will propose my solutions (I am not satisfied with).

Summary: The big goal is to parse files and put relevant data into a database. The problem is, that there are different kinds of sources coming with different kinds of files: sometimes only a single file, sometimes several files of the same format (same parser for all), sometimes several files and each has a different format, sometimes a zipfile with severel files of the same/ a different format.
These differences concern the allocation of the data and the opening of an inputstream of any kind, and the parsing of the data.

What I like to do is, to keep most of the program independent of these differences.

My "overall" design is a DataExtractor that is independent of these differences and delegates the work to an InputAllocator and a Parser. From the Parser it gets back a DataBlock that is passed to a DataInserter.

The InputAllocator:
1. solution: An InputAllocatorFactory with a single create method.
2. solution: An InputAllocatorFactory with a create method for each source target.
3. solution: An InputAllocatorFactory with a create method for each kind of filepackage (single file, multiple/different files, zipfile etc.) != solution 2
4. solution: One InputAllocator with several private methods for the different cases.

Which solution is best depends greatly on the answer to the question: in what way transforms the Allocator the data and is the returning method for all kinds of source targets the same?

As I write this, I realize that my problem is not really to decide between one of the above solutions but to find a way to get the Allocator and the Parser to work in a most general way together. But is that really possible? In case the source is a zipfile or several different files, the parser has to know which file is to parse and how to get it. Or am I in need of some more classes here?

most confused,


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