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Design Question

Posted by pandu on April 04, 2001 at 2:47 PM


Below I have some problem in the coding, please go through into
code and my
explaination. Please give me max help to solve this problem.

/* focusTabOrder */

1 intial_textfiled.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled1);
2 textfiled1.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled2);
3 textfiled2.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled3);
4 textfiled3.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled4);
5 textfiled4.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled5);
6 textfiled5.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled6);
7 textfiled6.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled7);
8 textfiled7.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled8);
9 textfiled8.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled9);
10 textfiled9.setNextFocusableComponent(textfiled10);
11 textfiled10.setNextFocusableComponent(textarea1);
12 textarea1.setNextFocusableComponent(intial_textfiled);

The input of the starts from intial_textfiled(line no.1)
automatically first time
and each tab pressing cursor moves to next flied. Once completing
all inputs again
cursor must go from line no.12 to line no. 1 back for next inputs.
But cursor not
come out from textarea1 if we press tab. Instead of coming out from
textarea1, its
creating horizontal and vertical scroll bars. Here eaxctly I want
write a seperate
calss with implemeting key listners. This class I would like to
write and keep into
seperate package and whenever I want I call this class into my main
program. Please
let give some idea to control tab key in the text area.

I hope solution for above my problem.

Thank you very much in advance.



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