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I agree



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I agree

Posted by Bill Venners on 17 Feb 1999, 6:26 AM

> I've used code such as:

> this.getClass().getMethod(methodName, null).invoke(this, null);

> in a servlet where 'methodName' is a CGI parameter. I agree that
> runtime info should be avoided if possible, but I think that in
> this case it is justified. What does anyone else think?

I agree that this is a perfectly appropriate and fine use of
run time class info, given that you've got a method name as
a string. I don't know anything about what it is you are trying
to accomplish with your servlet, but I wonder if there was some
other way to define it such that you can customize not by
adding a method then giving a method name, but by simply adding
a subclass and giving the class name as a CGI parameter.
I usually think of customization by type.



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