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How to Decide on Thread Safety

Posted by Bill Venners on April 11, 2000 at 9:21 PM

> I've read the article and still have a question.
> How to judge if a class need to be thread-safe?
> For example, I'm creating a servlet class A.
> And inside A, it new other common class B and call
> B's method.
> Shall I make them thread safe? A and B? or just A?

> And in some common Application, how to judge if they
> need synchronized?

Well, I'd say that the only way to know whether to make
a object thread safe or not is to know whether or not that
object will ever be used by multiple threads at the same time.
You have to know your application. Does your application
contain multiple threads? Do any of those multiple threads
share references to the same object at the same time? If so,
that object should likely be thread safe.



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