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Thread safe coding guidelines

Posted by Mahesh on August 28, 2000 at 6:00 PM


We need always make code inside RMI-Servers and servlets thread safe, right ? because they will invariably used in a multithreaded environment. Now how can we verify that a given method is indeed thread safe or does not require any further measures for thread safety or does not need thread-safety considerations at all?

I came up with an approximate guideline - any method with following characteristics is inherently thread-safe:

- uses only method local variables and parameters passed to it
- does not update any static variables
- does not update any instance variables
- does not access any external resources (file, database connection etc.)
- calls only synchronized methods or methods which conform to all the above rules (both of which are thread-safe themselves

Is this list exhaustive or do I need to check anything more before walking over a method as thread-safe ?

Mahesh H.


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