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Thread safety in JSP

Posted by medha on November 08, 2000 at 3:37 AM


What is the optimum way to achieve thread safety in JSP? If I define the variables in Declaration tag, they become the bottlneck. Can I avoid using declaration tag? My application is such that the JSP gets a reference of the bean and has to generate HTML showing the data in the bean.Only for the first time the JSP is invoked, the bean will not be available. So I am using declaration tag to declare variables which will store data like whether the bean is available or not. This data will be used across the entire page. If I don't do this way, then at every stage where I want to read the property of the bean, I need to first check whether the bean is available or not. This may slow down the performance.
Has someone already solved this problem? Kindly reply ASAP.
Thanking in anticipation...


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