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Posted by Joe McCarthy on November 29, 2001 at 4:42 AM

> REWARD - Any assistance which resolves the problem fully will be rewarded financially.

> Technology
> Java programming language running Java Webserver v1.1.1. The system connects to DB2 v3.1 via Neon's Shadow Direct ODBC Driver version 3. The technology claims to be multi-threading enabled.

> Symptom
> When running a number of users through the system concurrently, the system will stop responding and 'hang'

> Cause
> Problem has been traced to one line of code.
> As the system processes the entered data, it will establish a connection into DB2(on the mainframe(MVS)), and process SQL transactions against the database to validate details.
> When closing the database connection, the system 'hangs'

> Please respond to


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