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Set / Get



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Set / Get

Posted by Andre Richards on 05 Apr 1999, 12:46 AM

>The set/get naming convention for state accessors is as good a
>convention as any. Hiding state change and access with accessor
>methods is an excellent idea. (If I had it my way, I'd do away
>with public fields entirely, but that would mean changing Java

Sometimes I use an object purely as a data container, e.g.

* This class represents a Trade transaction.
public class Trade
public String Time;
public int TradeNo;
public String StockSymbol;
public String StockShortName;
public String Type;
public int Price;
public int Volume;

public Trade(String Time, int TradeNo, String StockSymbol, String StockShortName, String TradeType, int Price, int Volume)
this.Time = Time;
this.TradeNo = TradeNo;
this.StockSymbol = StockSymbol;
this.StockShortName = StockShortName;
this.Type = TradeType;
this.Price = Price;
this.Volume = Volume;

The object does not have a state as such, and using public fields removes a lot of tedious prorgamming work - writing get and set methods for every field would drive me insane.


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