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Do JavaBeans *require* a 0-argument constructor?

Posted by Paul J. Lewis on September 20, 2000 at 6:08 PM

I've just scanned through a some of this new thread, and in particular
I was reading the article email discuss on "To Bean or Not To Bean".
In this sequence of mails the various participants, are working under
the assumption that a Bean (besides meeting the get/set etc, naming
conventions), must:

a) Have a 0-arg constructor
b) Be serializable.

Was under the impression that having a 0-arg constructor was *not* a
a strict requirement for a class to be a JavaBean. (But that most,
Bean assembler environments (e.g BeanBox) currently, however, do
require the 0-arg constructor. That is, that the 0-arg requirement
was a limitation of existing Bean tools, not a requirement of
the specification.

I would be very interest to know if anyone can clear this issue up.
(And if I am correct, to know how Bean tools might go about creating
Beans when they don't have a 0-arg constructor).

Thanks - PJL


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