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a UI for all(jini enabled) devices

Posted by Michael Gambale on October 24, 2000 at 3:44 PM

> hello Bill,

> I read you article on Cyberspace and subsequent e-mail
> exchanges with great interest.

> I have been generally following your trail on Network Mobile
> Objects, starting with your VM book, your Jinilogy columns
> etc. I am very impressed with your articles.

> As I was reading your clarification viz. 'Place is an
> interface', I was wondering how this interface will
> compare with the JavaSpaces, what will happen if JavaSpaces
> are accessible through URLs etc.

> I could imagine several scenarios depicted by Dr. Gelernter
> in 'Mirror Worlds' and few others listed in IBM System
> Journal's special issue on Ubiquitous Computing.

> Do you think the Place interface will/should relate to the
> JavaSpaces interface ?

> Regards,

> - Sunil Joglekar

I was curious if you had any feedback. I imagined this
same exact scenario a while ago. I would think that maybe we
could use the Service UI to "look" at any object that you can
imagine. Of cource it could be a web page but maybe you might
want to just make up a an object called MyLife. The object
Mylife could have mutiple objects within that object where
upon eventually certain attributes of the object would be web
pages. But what if a cool technology comes out that allows a
user to look through a cheap pair of virtual reality goggles
and see an intense immersive environment. By creating an
additonal object under MyLife to hold such a media file, you
can associate a different UI with that new Media Object.

Now when you click on or speak ("speech recognition") or even
just think (way into the future) the word "action" a new UI will
be loaded directly connecting you with information via any device
It could be a computer (webpage), a TV(entertainment),
a phone( voice and/or video phone), virtual reality goggle
interface, or any other device to come along.


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