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Posted by Hank Greene on December 09, 1999 at 10:38 AM

First, a very cool, very thought provoking article.

Second, a toaster is a stupid cyberspace object example.
One my be able to turn the toaster on or off in cyberspace,
but the bread has to get in the toaster somehow. I think,
maybe, in real world space one has to go to the toaster,
put bread in it, and turn it on there.

Lets find a more exciting and plausible cyberspace example.

Now, after berating the toaster, I get to show that I am
jini neophyte.

I suggest we start here.

I have lifted directly out of the article what was for
me an enlighting paragraph.

"Most of Jini's advantages are inherent in its service object,
a chunk of mobile code and object state sent from the service
provider to the client. In effect, the service provider
injects a small piece of itself, the service object,
into the client's address space."

Now lets think of an example with those two sentences in mind.

I could keep going but I want to see if any one responds.



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