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u have to specify the security policy....

Posted by saravanan on February 03, 2001 at 3:18 AM

hai vijay

when running ur Jini Service Provider program(deviceimp1 ) u have to specify a policy file . I will tell u how to start the program:

java deviceimp1

u can use the policy file that is available in "jini1_1/examples/lookup/policy.all".

hope this will help u..


> Sir,
> I am doing a project using the Jini Technology. I have few
> problems.
> Do help me in this regard..
> 1. I have implemented a service. My service is stepper motor control.
> I dont have a problem on the hardware side. I wanted to make the
> service to
> make use of JoinManager where i had a problem .
> The following error occured.
> I got the error exactly at the execution of the following point.

> JoinManager jm= new JoinManager(this,initattr,this,null,null);
> where, initattr is an Entry class Array containing my device's
> attributes.

> the following error occured.
> denied.(net.jini.discoveryPermission)
> at
> :272)
> at
> java.lang.securityManager.CheckPermission( :399)
> at
> net.jini.Discovery.LookupDiscovery.checkGroups( :759)
> at net.jini.Discovery.LookupDiscovery
> ( 726)
> at net.jini.Discovery.LookupDiscoveryManager
> ( : 332)
> at
> net.jini.Lookup.joinmanager.CreateJoinManager( : 292)
> at net.jini.Lookup.JoinManager (JoinManager. java :173)
> at deviceimp1.execute( :53)
> at deviceimp1.main( :30)
> Exception in thread "main" Exit code 1
> where deviceimp1 is my service program.

> 2. On the client side.
> My client has implemented the discoveryListener Interface. I have not
> implemented the lookup service. i am planning to use the Reggie Lookup
> Service from Sun Microsystems. My discovered() method was never
> called.

> please help me in fixing up the bug.

> Please Reply soon.
> V.Vijay kumar


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