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Posted by Bill Venners on February 28, 2000 at 12:25 PM

> Enjoyed the article and wanted to send you a note to let you know I like the proposed changes.
> One downside is that the small device will need to do a bit more hunting and pecking to find
> the necessary service. The cost will be in time and network hits but at the gain of not having
> to load so many unnecessary classes.
Well, the small device will have a choice whether to hunt and
peck or root through big chunks. If it has enough resources for
the big chunks, it could use that. If it finds it doesn't have
enough resources, it can switch to a hunt and peck strategy.

> Also noticed a few typos in the article which might detract from the help it provides.
> In both instances, you define the return from lookup as an array of ServiceMatches[].
> For the two-parameter form this should just be ServiceMatches and the one-parameter form
> should just be Object. I think this also propagated into your two proposed methods.
> The method getServiceIDs should return ServiceIDMatches rather than ServiceIDMatches[]
> and getEntries should return EntryMatches rather than EntryMatches[].

Thanks for the info about the typos. I'll send this to JavaWorld.



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