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Object versus Document, Part I



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About your Article........Object v/s document

Posted by Raju on August 10, 2000 at 5:49 AM

Dear Sir,
I have a problem. I wish you could propose a solution to this.

We have to devise an automated program which will monitor a certain website for any changes or deletions in the page content(which could be in HTML, or XML) such as new form fields added or deleted and subsequently change my page contents in real time. For which I read your article on Object v/s document. It was insightful but the problem arises, as to who will fire an event when the fields are updated or any changes are made in the form content, since the server(from where we grab content) is unaware that we are monitoring the site for changes. How do you monitor this process.How to get the modified or added information. The article described how to set up the communication process between the client and the server.


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