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Object versus Document, Part I



This page contains an archived post to the Jini Forum made prior to February 25, 2002. If you wish to participate in discussions, please visit the new Artima Forums.


object or xml?

Posted by ty on June 07, 2000 at 11:04 AM

well it certainly would be nice if everything moves around in objects, and objects talk to each other real-time in a network. then all these great technologies, design patterns we have brewed in the OO pot can be leveraged. this is certainly elegant, but truth is the network is not superfast yet, with the latency * bandwidth haunting around every distributed system design. pull/push, stateful/stateless, and so on and on, to make the system really scale beyond small-sized demo projects, there a lot of tradeoff's that need to be made, even in a LAN.

Jini is a great technology, but certainly not a new vision: time and time again talented people have tried. It's just the timing. I think Jini may slowly gain space in a LAN environment, for WAN? wait for another 5 years and let's talk about it again.


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