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Prior Knowledge

Posted by Bill Venners on February 16, 2000 at 9:33 AM

> Sir we write the jini client for the service from the lookuo service but in the client programme we always include the interface class name of the required jini service registered in the jini lookup service. It means that the jini-client must know the interface class name of the service it is demanding from the jini lookup servic.

> So it will work if we add the new service ( by the new service server ) the jini client we have written will not be knowing it at all.
> Say that we have the service called Toaster , washing-machine , of which class interfaces are with the jini-client but if ae add the service called TV, VCR, Radio in the lookup service the interfaces are not at all with the jini-client so my question is that
> how the jinj-cliwent can get the new services used for the networked home ?

> please send the detailed explanation to the above e-mail ....

In general, a client must have prior knowledge of a service
to use it directly. But a client need not have full prior
knowledge. If a client has partial prior knowledge of a service,
it can use the parts about which it has prior knowledge. If
the client has prior knowledge of the Service UI spec, it
can display a main, admin, or about UI for the service to
a user, and the user can use the full functionality of the
service, if the UI has full prior knowledge of the service.

Check out this article:


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