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Indeterminate Heuristics
Jini and Web Services: Judy Project Overview
by Dale Asberry
April 8, 2004
Jini's protocol agnosticism makes integrating Jini with Web Services a no-brainer.


After lots of futzing around with software configuration annoyances, I've finally gotten the site up and running.

The first of my two 7th Jini Community Meeting Presentations is now available!

FYI, the primary functionality of the Judy Project is only one-third finished. So far, only the Jini Client->Web Service part is finished. The UDDI integration as well as Web Service Client->Jini Service parts still remain.

The presentation covers the work accomplished so far.

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R. Dale Asberry been hacking since 1978, professionally since 1990. He's certified in Java 1.1 and has a four digit MCP number. He discovered Jini at the 2000 JavaOne and has been building incredibly cool, dynamic, distributed architectures ever since! Over time, he's discovered several principles that have contributed to his success - they are the Princples of: Enabling Others, Simplicity, No Complaining, Least Work, Least Surprise, Least Damage, and "It Just Works".

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