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A Weblog by Bruce Eckel
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April 22, 2007,  7 comments
Old: Seller pays. New: Buyer pays.
April 22, 2007,  9 comments
I finally got around to setting up Google checkout for an upcoming conference. It rocks!
April 6, 2007,  14 comments
I've come to rely on other people rather than RSS feeds to point out the really important stuff to me.
March 14, 2007,  5 comments
Netflix has been everyone's darling long enough that customer abuse has slowly been creeping into their business model. It's ironic that they were the ones that, through competition, forced Blockbuster to stop abusing customers.
February 27, 2007,  2 comments
James Ward and I just finished an eSeminar, which was recorded as we gave it. The URL is available here, so you can listen to and view the recording.
February 25, 2007,  21 comments
Observations from Pycon 2007.
February 6, 2007,  30 comments
After telling everyone I was going to wait-and-see about Windows Vista, I ran into a problem.
January 30, 2007,  129 comments
The Java backlash has been building up steam, and we’re starting to see some fundamental shifts because of it.
January 30, 2007,  3 comments
Once again, the new workshop format produced an easygoing, fun and educational experience.
January 19, 2007,  4 comments
An indoor water park, in Ohio, in the middle of the winter sounded like a very strange destination. But the conference turned out to be very diverse and stimulating, and I was able to try out version two of my new presentation, "The World is Dynamic."
December 13, 2006,  1 comment
This edition of my occasionally-published newsletter, which also goes out by email, covers upcoming events and the status of various projects.
October 11, 2006,  2 comments
Since I was going to be in the area to give the keynote at the CodeMash in Sandusky OH, we decided to hold the TurboGears Jam in Ann Arbor, where the main developers live.
September 26, 2006,  42 comments
The questions you forget to ask when you are interviewing for a job, but wish you'd asked after taking the job.
September 8, 2006,  17 comments
I've decided to just bite the bullet, get the pickaxe book, and slowly work through it during morning coffee breaks at Camp4 Coffee (a venerated Crested Butte establishment that is one of the centers of social discourse -- those of you who have come here for workshops know of which I speak).
August 20, 2006,  26 comments
Setting CLASSPATH for directories and jars driving you crazy? I finally decided to do something about it.
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