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October 5, 2007,  33 comments
For all intents and purposes, Microsoft has infinite financial resources. But they create almost no new applications, and they had to seriously cut back on the features of Vista to get it out.
October 4, 2007,  2 comments
The basic tenet in podcasting is "Think About the Experience of your Audience." All these points are simply details of that one statement.
October 3, 2007,  1 comment
For over a year I've been coauthoring a book with someone who lives in another state, and we've tried various tools to pair-review and edit the document.
September 24, 2007,  13 comments
For his keynote at the 2007 Python Conference, Ivan Krstić, director of security and information architecture at the One Laptop per Child project, showed us how much of the project was written in Python. The most common question was "how do I get one?"
September 22, 2007,  3 comments
There's a demo including the PDF with all the introductory material and instructions including the *Everything is an Object* and *Operators* chapters and source code.
September 18, 2007,  16 comments
RSS seems clever close-up, if you ignore the internet traffic increase issues. But if you look at the real problem, RSS is a workaround that just supports the existing problem: anonymity.
September 16, 2007,  32 comments
Continuing the discussion of the GIL and parallel programming in Python.
September 13, 2007,  21 comments
Guido van Rossum published a reply to my article "Python 3K or Python 2.9."
September 13, 2007,  15 comments
I seem to visit more and more sites where the pages don't render right, to the point of being unreadable and unusable. And they're trying to sell me something! Why is this happening?
September 13, 2007,  2 comments
I was recently quoted in an article, and need to correct and attribute the idea.
September 11, 2007,  16 comments
My previous post led me to this library, which appears to solve the coarse-grained parallelism problem quite elegantly.
September 8, 2007,  62 comments
I'm glad to see the first beta of the so-called Python 3000. But for a version that's supposed to break all the rules to become better, I'm not seeing what I think is most important.
August 27, 2007,  2 comments
Some people have told me I'm a brilliant marketer. Eventually I realized that I just stumbled into pieces of good luck a couple of times.
August 27, 2007,  34 comments
In Java Posse #136, the Posse discusses the Google Singleton Detector which automatically discovers singletons in your code and they all agree that singletons are a bad idea.
August 22, 2007,  29 comments
As Joe Nuxoll of JBuilder and JavaPosse fame will tell you (given the slightest provocation), one place where the Java designers completely dropped the ball is in Java's component model. This becomes especially clear when comparing it with a system like Flex which has full language support for components.
18 pages [ 1 ... 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ]
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