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October 18, 2008,  33 comments
This amazing feature appeared in the language almost apologetically and with concern that it might not be that useful.
October 13, 2008,  9 comments
I've been thinking more about podcasting lately, but I haven't done it because I'm too lazy to go through all the steps. Someone must have simplified this!
October 10, 2008,  2 comments
Because the "Python 3 Patterns and Idioms" book project is distributed, I created a blog for everyone to give scrum-like reports. Did I just invent something?
October 10, 2008,  7 comments
I think the Smalltalk model was way ahead of its time. My vision is to move completely away from the idea of different kinds of storage.
October 10, 2008,  8 comments
Of course I'm asking the wrong crowd here -- you're watching the weblog. Still, you might have some ideas.
October 6, 2008,  3 comments
While I was in Brazil, I was interviewed for a Brazillian technical magazine, and the issue was just published.
October 1, 2008,  Submit comment
You know the bad feeling when you start looking at a Java code base that's just wrong. Proving it is something else again. Here's one way to show it.
September 25, 2008,  15 comments
If Python's what I want to do, I should write that book about it. Herein I muse about how to create a book relying largely on community input and help.
September 23, 2008,  43 comments
The response to arguments about self in Python is "explicit is better than implicit." In a discussion at Pycon Brazil, I realized that we do need self in the body of a method, but being forced to place it in the argument list is redundant. I'm not actually expecting it to change, but I want to try to establish that this isn't a dumb argument.
September 22, 2008,  1 comment
Brazilians are very warm and friendly, and PyCon Brazil in Rio de Janeiro had over 300 very enthusiastic and committed Python programmers.
August 15, 2008,  Submit comment
I will be giving a 3-day Java & Python Patterns workshop in Sao Paulo September 15-17, and then the keynote at the PyConBrasil in Rio de Janeiro September 19.
August 14, 2008,  Submit comment
James Ward and I have been working on an introductory Flex book for programmers, which we'll release as soon as we get the legal issues ironed out.
August 12, 2008,  16 comments
A non-Web-2.0 (TM O'Reilly, Inc.) way of looking at it.
August 5, 2008,  16 comments
Why does a company full of smart people make stupid decisions? How do we keep it from happening?
July 17, 2008,  103 comments
If so, this is a call to action.
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