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November 2000



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who overrites most of the absract methods in awt.Graphics

Posted by Lucas on November 07, 2000 at 7:00 AM

How did i got here:

in all my work with all kind of AWT components i never cared about who implemens most of the draw... and fill... methods of
abstract class Graphics.
I wanted to draw on a Component? get your bloody Graphics instance over here(only if it's showing, i know) without caring where that component whould get that Graphics.

But it happend this:
- i wanted to print something.(i've just started with that)
ok so I get a Toolkit( default Toolkit or the Components Toolkit
, what is the difference ?), from Toolkit i get a Printjob.
From the printjob i get a Graphics instance!!! on wich I shoud
"draw" something whether "by hand" with a component with its print(Graphics ) method (result is the same).
- this particular Graphics instance(provided by Prinjob) doesn't
know most of the draw and fill methods of the abstr Graphics class??!!!!!!
my question is WHY ????!!!!!
So i started to dig on this bloody Graphics class
is an abstract class so most of the important methods are abstract.
Ok ok, no problem i said , there must be some classes who should overrite these methods right?
Well i am still looking and nothing.
For example Panel: - is uses the possible getGraphics of it's superclass ---> Container
Container : no, Container doesn't define the method, so maybe
is it's superclass ---> Component
Component: well Component indeed has getGraphics but after checkig some stuff( if the component does have a parent and is somehow showing ) calls the getGraphics of it's parent.
Ok, so this goes on and on but it has to reach somewere right?
So if the Panel is on an Applet (added ) who is the Panel's parent because Applet is no Component :) ??
1.So, where is the Graphics instance "borned" afterall???
2. Why the "borned" Graphics instance of the printer(prinjob)
is that stupid and what can i do about it?
(how can i modify the printer's Graphics resolution to avoid
1 millimeter painted pixels on the paper when i use drawImage
of any kind ...)
Kindly please excuse my tone but i am very pissed off and i can't hold it inside (ggrrrr).
Thank you very much for your patience if u reached this line :),
and u name-it what if u really can help.
nerve_recked Lucas...


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