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Specific vs. Generic



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Specific vs. Generic

Posted by Bill Venners on 21 Mar 1998, 8:38 AM


Thanks for your comment.

> The basics you have eloquently described are
> frequently ignored, even by "experienced"
> programmers. I hope that many of them read
> your article/book.

> I also hope that you wax equally eloquent on other
> common programming mistakes (mistyles?). One
> that I have seen recently is pushing application-
> specific stuff into generic, reusable classes --
> making them no longer generic or reusable.
Yes! I am planning to talk about this. I have gotten
several comments that basically said my example
code would be better if it were more generic, so
I want to talk about when to solve the specific
problem versus the general problem. My thought is
that you should always lean towards solving the
specific problem, unless your product is
a library or component that is supposed to solve
a generic problem for other programmers.



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