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Be Not Afraid



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Be Not Afraid

Posted by Bill Venners Again on 18 Mar 1998, 9:20 AM

Last night I see that 22 people visited this page
but none left their mark for others to see. I
thought I'd outline the purpose of this forum.

I wanted to have a lot of interaction with readers
of this design material as I wrote it, to keep me
on track. So I am looking primarily for
criticisms and flames and places where you find
you disagree with what I said.

Both JavaWorld and I found that we didn't have
time to format and print all the feedback that
was coming in via e-mail and through the form
submission at the bottom of the article, so I
created this forum. This way people can see
other people's feedback and can even get into
arguments with each other.

I think that design and coding styles and
techniques are best decided upon through a
discussion of peers, of people who will be working
with each other's code. So I hope to make this
forum kind of a big-scale discussion about Java

Now, my concern about the current JW article about
focusing fields and minimizing coupling, is that
it is too obvious for most JW readers. I think it
belongs in the Flexible Java book and needs to
be stated, but perhaps I should have just posted
it at the Flexible Java site and kept the JW
column focused on more Java-specific stuff.

I'm sure I'll hear about it.

If you like obvious stuff, check out the

obvious song

And then come back to this forum and be heard.


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