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Article on CyberSpace

Posted by Sunil Joglekar on August 04, 2000 at 7:32 PM

hello Bill,

I read you article on Cyberspace and subsequent e-mail
exchanges with great interest.

I have been generally following your trail on Network Mobile
Objects, starting with your VM book, your Jinilogy columns
etc. I am very impressed with your articles.

As I was reading your clarification viz. 'Place is an
interface', I was wondering how this interface will
compare with the JavaSpaces, what will happen if JavaSpaces
are accessible through URLs etc.

I could imagine several scenarios depicted by Dr. Gelernter
in 'Mirror Worlds' and few others listed in IBM System
Journal's special issue on Ubiquitous Computing.

Do you think the Place interface will/should relate to the
JavaSpaces interface ?


- Sunil Joglekar


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