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J2ME just the Java Platform

Posted by Bill Venners on July 29, 1999 at 7:51 PM

> Thank you for the enlightening article. I really enjoyed reading it.
> Being a software developer and owner of a small one-product vertical software company,
> I wonder about future platforms which should receive development efforts.
> Your Jini articles raises more questions in that area.
> I doubt you need you need more fodder for your future articles, but just in case:
> Is J2ME a short time "band-aide" solution to Java in small devices?
> And, if it is, should it be ignored are replaced with Jini as a development target?
> Is "Jini" too utopian and too far off in the distant future to be considered as a development platform at this time?
> Will Java (v1.1 or v1.2 or J2ME) source have to be significantly modified (rewritten) to be used with Jini?

I believe J2ME doesn't represent an alternative to Jini, but
rather something upon which Jini could run in embedded and
consumer devices. The main difference to J2ME from what Sun
was trying to do before with Embedded and Personal Java, was
the idea of profile APIs. Rather than trying to figure out a
set of APIs that make sense for all small and medium sized
Java platform implementations, Sun decided to let industry
segments -- such as car, set top box, cell phone, etc.. --
figure out what APIs made sense for them. Each API set is
called a profile, which sits on top of a JVM and bare bones
set of APIs. The JVM and bare bones APIs are called J2ME.

J2ME just means Sun's Java Platform for small embedded or
consumer environments, on top of which Jini could run.



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