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I would like to get an opinion

Posted by Francisca Campins Verger on October 16, 1999 at 1:39 AM

I would like to from you, a personal opinion about a question
related to the Jini Vision.Most of the articles written about
Jini Technology Vision speak a lot about the Jini on embedded
systems and services offered by devices.
In my opinion, JINI not only can give advantages in this kind of
environment. I think that JINI provides the necessary
infrastructure to give a distributed system the possibility of
offer Value-added Services.
I am going to try explain this better.
I am working in IBIT, a foundation in Balearic Islands,
and we have been working in an European project called InTouriSME
as a Federate database system. The main aim of the system is to
provide a common access point (as a portal) for the all tourism
information. We have more or less between 40 -50 local or
regional servers of tourist information federated in the whole
system. I think that JINI Architecture is the necessary and
possibly perfect infrastructure in order to convert this system,
not only in a database federation but a services federation
as well.
What do you think about it?
Why the main focus of Jini vision always is related with devices
(printers, cellular mobiles,etc..)?
I would like only to have an opinion about it?


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