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Vision and Reality

Posted by Bill Venners on February 27, 2000 at 10:41 AM

> I can't find any current news about JINI. All I can see is just a vision, or more visions. Where's the implementation?
An implementation of Jini certainly exists. You can download it
from Sun's web site. Everything works as advertised. I assume,
however, that you mean actual use of Jini in the real world,
which I agree hasn't exploded like Java itself did or the web.

In my opinion, one of the main reasons Jini seems to be ramping
up slowly is that defining "well-known interfaces" is time
consuming. In addition, spending time and money defining those
interfaces is of questionable worth given that no others yet
exist. When everyone else is doing it, then everyone who isn't
doing it will want to do it. But someone has to get things
started, and so far I know of only the printer and storage
people doing things, and those projects seem to be taking

In short, I think that trying to use the spontaneous networking
aspect of Jini now is a bit like trying to use the network before
any well-known high level protocols such as ftp, email
protocols, http, etc., have been defined.

Nevertheless, I am hoping to create something that will help
give Jini a kick-start, by going around spontaneous networking
and enabling long-term relationship networking. For more info,
check out information on the serviceui project and the
cyberspace project:




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