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Using JavaSpaces, two firwalls, servlets, and CORBA

Posted by Mike on March 23, 2000 at 1:25 PM

I have an idea to use JavaSpaces. I'm sure there are issues with this
model but the model may be worth implementing. The environemnt
is that the WebServer sits behind one firewall with the servlets and
JavaSpaces. The second firewall is a firewall separating the
"DMZ" area with our internal company network. The internal company
network would contain Oracle Databases and CORBA services.

The idea I have to use as a light
middleware between the web browser and, our company firewalls,
and then onto objects that would reside in our internal company
network which is separated by a second firewall.

Servlets would
populate information into the JavaSpaces. Both the servlets
and the JavaSpaces would exist behind the first firewall. The sevlets
could execute methods on remote CORBA objects
that sit behind a second firewall to both read and update

The great thing with this idea is that no web browser
would be accessing our databases or our CORBA OBJECTS within
our company's second firewall. The servlets or regualr Java
programs would act as the bridge.

Other different servlets would be given the job of popluating the
JavaSpaces by using information received from methods executed
on remote CORBA objects. Another group of servlets might be
responsible for getting new information from JavaSpaces and then
updating Oracle tables that would sit behind the second firewall.

Again to update these Oracle tables, the servlets would read the
JavaSpaces and then execute methods on remote CORBA Objects. The methods
of the CORBA objects would themselves actually populate the Oracle

I hope that I explained it clearly. Let me know your comments and
please raise any disadvantages or issues in areas like security.



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