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to sujay

Posted by agisetti on September 15, 2000 at 12:49 PM

hi sujay..
why u r wondering about jini, noting is there in jini.But it powerful and so complicated.

i will give u the full picture of jini. Jini is maninly related to network. Now adays all large companies are using jini technology to trap the their networks.i.e.,in formation about the servers located on the network (health information about the server, BIOS information, what OS contained in the server etc.).

for example if u r connecting any printer to u r network. actually what u have to do is , plug the printer to network and load the necessary drivers then only people on the network can access the printer.

But if u r comming to jini. in case of jini just pulg-in u r printer to network. by using jini software kit supplies by sun u can write one jini application. That application is reponsible for starting all jini services(at the time of starting jini.. we have to start the httpservice, RMIDemeaon service, lookupservice)
for running jini above 3- services is necessary. whenever u started the 3-services in this servcies lookupservice find out the what are the perticular services provided by the server and take those services and lookup services make those services available to all the devices on the network.

right now i am working on jini.
i think above message is clear about jini if not please execue me

> Hello everybody,
> can anyone tell me what is this JINI?
> when and where it is evolved?
> where it is used?
> I would be greatful to one who gives me this information.

> thank you


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