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October 2001



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Donna here is the complete codings for u -send your snap to me

Posted by ja(va)rule on October 25, 2001 at 2:58 AM

hey donna below the way three classes should be.don't get sad for listening to chineese ass like chin loong.i think he has to be more helpfull to people than been a big pervert.hope i see your snap soon.
1)barometer class
public class Barometer
private double air_pressure = 0.00;

public Barometer(double ap)
air_pressure = ap;

2)thermometer class
public class Thermometer
private int temperature = 0;

public Thermometer(int temp)
temperature = temp;

3)weather censer

public class WeatherSensor
private Barometer bm = null;
private Thermometer tm = null;

public WeatherSensor (Thermometer thm, Barometer bam)
bm = bam;
tm = thm;

ask any other java you like to know.exeample codings specially.
see ya


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