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Web Services Articles:

Why Use Soap - Choosing between SOAP and application-specific XML for your web services

Miscellaneous Web Services Resources:

Web Services: an Executive Summary - a quick overview of web services for managers and executives
A Birds-Eye View of Web Services - an introduction to web services for developers
JIni's Relevance Emerges, Part 1 - Frank Sommers interviews Rob Gingell about Jini and web services
JIni's Relevance Emerges, Part 2 - Frank Sommers interviews Rob Gingell about Jini and web services
I Like Your Type: Describe and invoke Web services based on service type - WSDL tools and techniques
Web services take float with JAXR - Use JAXR to find and register Web services
WC3's Web Services Activity - Links to web services-related specifications, papers, and events
WSDL 1.1 Specification - The W3C's 1.1 specification of Web Services Description Language
Google Web APIs - A web service with which you can query Google's database
Top Ten FAQs for Web Services - frequently asked questios about web services
SOAP 1.1 Specification - The W3C's 1.1 specification of Simple Object Access Protocol

Web Services Sites:

Web Services Architect - web services articles, news, resources - a web services information resource
WebServices.Org - web services portal
O'Reilly Web Services DevCenter - web service developer articles, weblogs, news
The Server Side - J2EE related news, articles, and discussion
IBM DeveloperWorks Web Services Zone - IBM's web services developer zone
Microsoft XML Web Services Developer Center Home - Microsoft's web services area
XMethods - a directory of live web services
Java Technology and Web Services - information from Sun about web services and Java
IBM WebServices Test Area - a browser-based demo of web services
Oracle Technology Network Web Services Center - articles and white papers from Oracle

A Web Services Primer
The Java Web Services Tutorial - a beginner's guide to developing Web services and Web applications on the Java Web Services Developer Pack
A Web Services Primer
Web Services Acronyms, Demystified - An explanation of the major acroynms used in the web services world, and their place in the web services protocol stack


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