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Artima offers professional consulting, training, books, and tools to help teams learn Scala and integrate Scala successfully in their projects.

About Artima

Artima has been providing leadership in the Scala community for a decade. In 2008, Artima published the first book on Scala, Programming in Scala, co-authored by the language's designer, Martin Odersky. In 2010, Artima held the first public training course in Scala, in San Francisco, California, and continues to provide Scala training. Artima creates ScalaTest, one of the most widely used libraries in the Scala open source ecosystem. Artima's president, Bill Venners, is a community representative on the Scala Advisory Board.

Scala consulting and training

Artima is available to give on-site Scala training courses and provide architectural and strategic consulting for your company or development team. In particular, we can provide the following consulting services:

If you would like to inquire about consulting or training, please e-mail us at, or contact us at the address or phone number below.

Artima, Inc.
2070 N Broadway Unit 305
Walnut Creek, California 94597

(925) 394-7298 x101

Scala books and tools

Our Scala books:

Our Scala tools:

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