Effective Scala Workshop

Length: 2 days
Prerequisite: Some experience with Scala.

Available as an in-house workshop or public training “retreat.” Check the dates for our upcoming public training retreats. To bring the Effective Scala Workshop in-house for your team, please contact us.

What will you learn?

Scala is an unopinionated language: It offers a wide array of choices, from familiar object-oriented features to sophisticated functional programming tools. While these choices offer great freedom, they can be bewildering. This workshop will help you learn the most effective ways to apply Scala to real-world programming problems.

Frank and Bill will present concise guidelines and encourage debate. Following each presentation you will have the opportunity to practice applying the guidelines to concrete programming problems. Each exercise session will be followed by show and tell and more discussion.

You should already know Scala, but need not be an expert. In short, the Effective Scala Workshop will help you deepen your understanding of Scala and refine your skill at applying Scala to real-world problems.

The workshop covers the following:

  • The Big Picture
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • Inheritance and Composition
  • Type Safety
  • Implicits
  • Error Handling
  • Typeclasses

Who presents the workshop?

This workshop is taught by Bill Venners and Frank Sommers.

Bill Venners is president of Artima, Inc. and a leader in the Scala community. Together with Martin Odersky and Lex Spoon, Bill is coauthor of the book Programming in Scala. He is the lead developer of the open source ScalaTest testing framework, and is a community representative on the Scala Center Advisory board.

Frank Sommers is founder and president of Autospaces, Inc, a company specializing in workflow and risk management software for the auto finance industry. He has been using Scala daily since 2008 for production-level software at his company. Prior to Scala, he had been involved in the Java community since the initial release of the language in 1995, and is a Sun Java Champion. Frank co-authored the book Actors in Scala with Philipp Haller.

You can watch Bill and Frank giving an Effective Scala talk at ScalaDays Berlin 2018.

What are students saying?

Resources on language syntax are plentiful, but having experienced developers share practical advice on what works and what doesn't is invaluable. Bill and Frank did a great job sharing their guidelines for effective Scala development.

- Darius Kasad

I really liked the format of having two knowledgable instructors in the class, both interacting with the class and diving deep into how Scala works on every topic they covered.

- Sergio Mendiola

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Effective Scala Workshop is available as an in-house workshop or public training “retreat.” Check the dates for our upcoming public training retreats. To bring this learning experience in-house for your team, please contact us.

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