Concurrent Scala Workshop

The Concurrent Scala Workshop is designed to help your Scala developers get comfortable with, and skilled at, writing Scala in a concurrent execution environment.

In just a few days, Artima helps your team members understand key features of concurrent Scala, and write productive Scala programs leveraging these deeper concepts.

Traditionally, concurrent programming involves complicated locking/mutex architectures that are hard to reason about and susceptible to deadlock.

Via its functional and immutable-data model of programming (no locking required), using Futures and Akka actor-based concurrency, Scala provides a cutting-edge-technology way out of the dilemma.

This workshop is a must for anyone involved in highly scalable backend servers!

The workshop typically covers the following:

  • Concurrency Principles
  • Futures
  • Akka Basics
  • Akka Best Practices
  • Sharding
  • Akka Persistence

  • Length: 2 days
    Prerequisite: Some experience with Scala.

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