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Artima Developer is an online community where developers learn from experts in the software industry as well as interact, share information, and learn from each other. Artima Developer provides in-depth technical articles, interviews with shakers and movers in the software world, targeted news, interest groups, weblog communities, book chapters, discussion forums, and more. Through high-quality content and community features, Artima Developer aims to facilitate the sharing of software best practices that enable our audience to improve their craft of programming.

Artima Developer is owned and operated by Artima, Inc.

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About the Name

Bill Venners came up with the name "Artima" in 1992, when he was working with two other partners on an educational software product. He constructed the name by extracting two letters each from three verbs: learn, think, and imagine.

leARn, ThInk, iMAgine

These three verbs captured what Bill and his partners hoped the educational software product would inspire their customers to do--to learn, think, and imagine. Thus, the company name, "Artima," represented the company's mission. In addition, splitting the name in the middle yielded "Art Ima". Ima in Japanese means now, so the name could also be interpreted as the command, "Art Now!" This seemed cool, so the partners agreed they would eventually use the name Artima Software Company for their partnership. In 1993, however, the partnership dissolved and Bill Venners bought the rights to the Artima name. He registered the name in Santa Clara County, California and began doing custom software development and consulting as Artima Software Company. In early 2000, he incorporated Artima Software Company, which then became known as Artima Software, Inc. In late 2006, since the focus of the company had moved from software to media, Bill changed the corporation's name to Artima, Inc.

Learn, think, and imagine are at the center of Artima's current mission: to bring people together so they can interact, share information, and learn from each other.

About the Icon

In the very early days of, the top of every page contained a small applet next to the "" logo. This applet served as the Artima icon. Bill Venners quickly realized that having an applet on each page was not a good idea, because it slowed page access and occasionally (OK, regularly) caused Netscape Navigator to crash. So he pulled the applet from the logo, but in his heart still considered it to be the Artima icon. Eventually, he found a way to incorporate the image of that icon back into the site. The icon now serves as the dingbat, which appears at the end of each article and book chapter. If you're curious about the icon, check out The Artima Icon: A Base 16 Numeral System. Look here for an example of the Artima icon dingbat.

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