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Posted by James Thomas on February 17, 2001 at 1:15 PM

> > Still it is not clear that which one is faster and having advantages over the other. Why the many companies go for ASP rather than JSP. Only the reason expecting is simplicity but this is not the accurate answer.

> Okay, I'm gonna get sick of these acronyms one day.
> My personal thought is that ASP is just a more lovely solution.

> Honestly, when running php compared to ASP, I'd choose ASP.

> And its not for performance, its for compatibility.
> Not in the techy sense, in the marketting sense.

> When you have a company, that is running IIS 5.0, and has developers programming in VB, and other languages, and uses web colaboration with WTS, Office 2k, SQL Server, etc...the main issue that comes in to play is the client. To offer the most, you gotta go microsoft. Its marketting over power anyday.

> Someone quoted, "Php may be fast as hell, but ASP is where the money is." and its true, as long as Microsoft can offer excellent peace of mind, and billions of dollars into HR, there is no way that opensource programming can stand a chance.

> Especially when microsoft develops applications with VB(not so great I know), creates asp using VBscript, and develops incredible web colaboration tools with its server, database, and office software. Microsoft is winning, with its browser, with its code, you name it. Java and netscape had their day, they were cool for techies, but they lost because they didn't have hte usability, integration, and ease of us that IE has.

> This is what makes asp so damn popular, not speed, not performance, its the ability to integrate almost seemlessly with other microsoft products.

> But don't get me wrong, I appreciate PHP and JSP. I most definatly appreciate java. However, that hype about its cross platform ability isn't keeping java alive. Someone has to take java, and market the hell out of, make proprietary enhancements, charge major cash for those enhancements, then we'll see how good java becomes.

> L8er folks.
> -Brij


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