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Designing Object Initialization
Ensure Proper Initialization of Your Objects at All Times
by Bill Venners
First Published in JavaWorld, February 1998

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This installment of the Design Techniques column begins with a quick look at object-design fundamentals, then goes on to discuss various approaches to designing initializers and constructors so as to facilitate the proper initialization of objects.

With this installment of Design Techniques, I begin a series of articles that will focus on the design of classes and objects. In this series I will discuss the following: designing classes for proper object initialization, finalization, and cleanup; designing fields and methods, in general; and designing class fields and methods, in particular. I won't address the design of class hierarchies in these first few installments -- rather, I will focus only on the design of individual classes.

Java and basic software design principles
In the first few installments of this column series, I plan to cover some basic object-oriented and structured design techniques as they apply to Java. Many of you undoubtedly are already familiar with these techniques, as they apply equally well to other languages. In my experience in the cubicle, however, I have encountered a lot of code written by programmers who, shall we say, could stand to take a refresher course on the basics. So I think it is important to cover the basics in the early articles of this column.

To maximize the usefulness of these first articles, I will be focusing on how the basic software design principles apply to Java in light of Java's architecture. For example, when I write about designing objects for proper cleanup, I'll discuss Java's finalization and garbage collection mechanisms and show how they affect design. When I write about designing with class variables and class methods, I'll describe Java's mechanisms for class loading and unloading and show how they affect design. For this article, which looks at designing objects for proper initialization, I've written an entire companion article that describes how object initialization works in the Java virtual machine (JVM). In all the articles of this column, I hope to show how the respective architectures of the Java language, virtual machine, and API affect how you should think about designing Java programs.

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