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Make Room for JavaSpaces, Part I
Ease the Development of Distributed Apps with JavaSpaces
by Eric Freeman and Susan Hupfer
First Published in JavaWorld, November 1999

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This article teaches you about a simple, yet powerful, new network and distributed programming tool: JavaSpaces. It explains the basic concepts of the JavaSpaces programming model and introduces the compact JavaSpaces API.

This article begins a second thread of the Jiniology series. In June, Bill Venners launched Jiniology with an overview of Jini technology -- a powerful new infrastructure for building and deploying distributed systems that are organized as federations of services. This thread, which will be featured every other month in this column, focuses on JavaSpaces, a core Jini service from Sun Microsystems that provides a high-level means of creating collaborative and distributed applications. If you're building applications with Jini, you'll want to know how to use JavaSpaces to coordinate the participants in a Jini federation. But it's also important to remember that you can use JavaSpaces separately from Jini, as a tool for building general distributed systems in Java. In either case, JavaSpaces is worth a look, because it can significantly ease the design and coding of distributed applications.

In this series, we will begin by introducing you to the unique JavaSpaces programming model, which is quite different from other network and distributed tools with which you might be familiar. In subsequent articles, we will cover the details of the JavaSpaces API and how you can use it to glue processes together into a distributed application, and describe how JavaSpaces interacts with other components of Jini. Throughout the series, you'll see that JavaSpaces is simple (the API consists of only a handful of operations), expressive (a large number of problems can be solved using JavaSpaces), and powerful (you can build sophisticated distributed systems with small amounts of JavaSpaces code).

Let's get started.

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