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by Bjorn Karlsson and Matthew Wilson, November 6, 2004, 9 comments 9 comments
The authors look at the nasty habit that many popular APIs have of trampling roughshod over the global namespace (and all other namespaces) with the macro preprocessor, and demonstrate a simple technique to obviate it, and still be a good C++itizen.
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by Bjorn Karlsson and Matthew Wilson, October 1, 2004, 36 comments 36 comments
In this inaugural installment of their new column, Smart Pointers, Bjorn Karlsson and Matthew Wilson update the well-known Law of The Big Three, explaining which one of those member functions is not always needed.
by Chuck Allison, September 26, 2004, 82 comments 82 comments
C++0x is under construction. Get your licks in while there's still time.
by Matthew Wilson, September 13, 2004, 2 comments 2 comments
STL meets glob(): Power, robustness, and genericity without sacrificing efficiency.
by David Abrahams and Aleksey Gurtovoy, August 30, 2004, 9 comments 9 comments
This article investigates the use of metafunctions in template metaprogramming, and introduces the Boost Metaprogramming Library. It is an excerpt from the upcoming book, "C++ Template Metaprogramming", by David Abrahams and Aleksey Gurtovoy.
by Bjorn Karlsson, July 31, 2004, 17 comments 17 comments
This article shows how to validate C++ objects in a boolean context without the usual harmful side effects.
by Greg Colvin, June 21, 2004, 22 comments 22 comments
Veteran developer Greg Colvin traces the evolution of C, C++ and Java with an eye to a better future.
by Matthew Wilson, June 21, 2004, Submit comment Submit comment
This article shows how to easily process UNIX-style directory entries as STL sequences.
by Chuck Allison, June 21, 2004, 3 comments 3 comments
Good Things are happening in the C++ world.
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