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February 7, 2007,  51 comments
Developers need to take more responsibility for testing their code. But the majority of developers are not willing, nor ready, nor able to jump on the bandwagon of the more extreme and demanding developer testing movements such as Test Driven Development. Testivus is a proposed developer testing movement "for the rest of us".
January 24, 2007,  30 comments
Some developers are easily test-infected - they take to unit testing like a duck to water. Others need some time and encouragement, but eventually "get it". A third group appears to have immunity to test infection. I invent a test-gene model to categorize these groups and look at its implications for the future of developer/unit testing.
August 27, 2004,  5 comments
eXtreme Feedback Devices (XFDs) are a fun and effective way to help your entire development team to know about and pay attention to the project status and metrics you care about.
2 pages [ 1 2 ]
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